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    • Dongguan YAH FEI Electric Photoelectric Lighting Co., Ltd.
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      • Adds: Yah Fei Industrial District.Chun Hua Tree, Li Cun Village. Xie Gang Town, Dong Guan City. Guang Dong Province, China

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    Dongguan City YAHFEI Photoelectric Lighting

    - Company Profile

    The flying lamp co., LTD was established in 1989 in Taiwan, in 1992 invested in mainland China, and on the fly electric appliance co., LTD., established in 1998, and awarded the ISO 9002 international quality system certification, in 2001 after replacement of ISO9001:2000 version quality system certification.Scale in 2002, with factory in dongguan Xie Gang town planning new plants, 2008 should be the global trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction and demand, engaged in energy-saving photovoltaic products and related components of the research and development, production, and add the LED lamps and lanterns, the ball bubble, drive, power control components production line in 2010, should be LED lighting and accessories market demand, set up a specialized LED lighting product line.

    Scope of business£º
    Produce all kinds of LED bulb, fluorescent lamp, lamp, hallow lamp, grille lamp, candle light, LED track lamp lighting products.

    Company with several groups of dedicated production lines, integral ball, reflow soldering, SMT machine, printing machine, LED lamp tester, aging machine, such as LED production testing equipment, injection molding machine more than 30 units, the mould department have CNC computer gongs

    The size£º
    The company covers an area of 60000 square meters, staff more than 800 people. Dust-free workshop, specializing in the production assembly line.

    The marketing country£º
    Products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Taiwan and China and other regions