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Product name: LED PANEL LIGHT 12W

Product Specification:
Product Model: YF-P01
Product Code:       P01-3×3-12W
Power Consumption:      12W±5%      12W±5%
Voltage Range:      100-240V      100-240V
Frequency Range:      50/60HZ      50/60HZ
Color Temperature:      5500K±5%      2700K±5%
Lumen Output:      800LM±10%      700LM±10%
Light Efficiency:      70Lm/W±10%      60Lm/W±10%
Efficiency:      80%±5%      80%±5%
Power Factor:      0.5/0.9      0.5/0.9
CRI:      ≥80      ≥80
Operating Temperature:      -20¡æ¡«+40¡æ      -20¡æ¡«+40¡æ
Operating Humidity:      20%¡«75% RH      20%¡«75% RH
Product Certification:      RoHS      RoHS
Beam Angle:      160°      16
Product Material:      Alumium+Light diffusion polycarbonat
Function: Straight lumious or side lumious

Product feature:
£®  Perfect thermal design to longer fixture lifetime.
£®  Lifetime 30000hours.
£®  High quality LED
£®  Save up to 85% energy
£® Home lighting
£® Commercial lighting
£® Indoor lighting
£® Before replacing, turn off the power to avoid electrical shock!
£® To avoid install fixtures in an area of high temperature place!
£® Not suitable in enclosed lighting fixture!
£® Color temperature £º3000K and 4300K is warm white, 5700K is cool white.

£® Packing

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